The Eastman Group, Inc.


As exhibited in our TEG AirDemo booking engine model at, our Airline Booking Engine application can utilize a cached inventory to return flight data.  Our solution has the ability to host your full schedule or any partial inventory, should you desire to hold seats for sale outside a GDS or CRS.

This outside inventory cache allows for faster website reply to customer queries for availability, responding with 14-day (7 outbound, 7 return) flight availability much more rapidly than queries to a mainframe host. 

A separate robotic "crawler" program maintains the cached inventory to keep the external database synchronized with your host system by systematically searching each flight in the schedule for recent changes.  Alternatively, the cache can be managed through a queue process whereby the host drops information regarding changes in inventory into a queue read by our system to maintain synchronization.

Holding a cached inventory makes it easy to offer private pricing for your website, to contract or preferred customers.

This cached inventory can be used independently or in conjunction with an alternative host inventory system.

Our Booking Engine solution also may be run directly with a host system, without the external inventory cache.

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