The Eastman Group, Inc.
Airline Booking Engine

Using our AutoLinkII™ technology platform, The Eastman Group has built an efficient, scalable, affordable Booking Engine.  By hosting an inventory cached external to any GDS, our Booking Engine solution significantly reduces search and transaction fees associated with doing business in other inventory hosts.  The architecture works with your existing hosted inventory and purchases are processed through your existing channels.  Our technology platform allows flexibility by incorporating business rules (that you control) to determine from which inventory source a purchase is made.

At the middleware engine level AutoLinkII handles the internal traffic; routing it to the proper inventory channels, payment processors, websites, etc.  This layer also handles all of the internal business rules, such as which website (or PCC) gets access to what pricing and inventory.

Our Booking Engine uses SQL databases to host inventory and can be scaled to handle full inventory or selected blocks of inventory.  The hosting of either real time or cached inventory on our or your own servers allows for speed of multiple day price responses.  We can provide up to 14-day round trip pricing (7-day outbound, 7-day return) back to the end consumer in a matter of seconds for the price-conscious or those with flexible travel plans.

The Booking Engine includes functionality for:

  • Availability (single day or multiple day options)
  • Bookings
  • Seat selection
  • Itinerary retrieval
  • Modifications
  • Cancellations
  • Payment options
    • credit card/CID processing
    • check-free payments
    • invoicing capabilities
  • Confirmation and receipt

In addition, our platform allows for Special Program log-ins (frequent flyer, promotional programs, corporate programs, etc.) and can provide FLIFO data on demand, both online and via interactive voice.

Also available:

With our Booking Engine solution, you take control. You control the business rules applied to your transactions.  You control your data. You control your costs. Because we realize that your corporate image is important to your business, our Booking Engine can fit under your existing website structure. If you are looking to change or enhance your current website, we can partner with your web developers or provide an end-to-end solution to fit your needs.

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