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With an assortment of technologies, platforms, and applications, even the most forward-thinking companies in the travel sectors are handcuffed by dependencies on older technologies.  This assortment inhibits the sharing of information needed to meet today's e-commerce demands and stifles the growth of companies.  By example, since airlines were early adapters of mainframe computing, most interactions with airline inventory systems continue to be forced through ALC protocols even as airline booking systems and other management tools are implemented using XML and web service technologies.

Travel industry companies are upgrading platforms, adding business applications, and evolving websites to meet buyer demands.  The result is a jumble of old and new technologies that struggle to communicate with each other fast enough to respond to new e-commerce needs.  These mixed platforms make it increasingly difficult to consolidate and mine the entirety of your data to make well-informed decisions.

Is this your struggle?  The Eastman Group can help.  Our goal is not to sell you yet another new system or application, but rather to create an environment in which all of your existing applications communicate to share information universally.

The Eastman Group's team of developers, using our AutoLinkII™ technology, can help your company evolve your systems to:

  • Connect disparate systems to one another (via Web Services, ALC, XML, EDIFACT, FTP, etc.)
  • Add new tools, applications, and vendors effortlessly,
  • Create a single database for reporting, Super PNRs, accounting and back office functions,
  • Add business rules to any of your applications to allow you to control the business process consistently, and
  • Upgrade systems and applications in a phased approach, without interrupting business processes.

Taking a travel company as an example, whether your applications and vendors are using older protocols or modern web services, we bring them into a central switch for easy communication and data sharing.  Your systems are integrated into a set of standardized and centralized information.

In an airline company illustration, consider the various elements that must come together to run an Airline Operation Center.  The sharing of information gives management the ability to make better informed business decisions.  Consistent application of business rules, whether determined by contract or by management, ensures a consistent and reliable process.

Whether your needs are extremely complex or fairly simple, whether running Flight Operations, Maintenance, Cargo, Back Office or integrating the entire operation, The Eastman Group can bring tools and expertise to assist you.  Integrations can be implemented modularly and phased to prevent interruptions to your current business process.

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