The Eastman Group, Inc.

Passenger Management Tools

AutoLink has the capability of taking instruction by Interactive Voice Recognition.  The Eastman Group partners with AcuFlight, Inc. for certain IVR functionality, including automated outbound announcements, pro-active  notification for problems or changes in reservations, etc.

Gate Reader & Check-In Module scans bar-code data from a boarding pass and reconciles it with checked-in passenger data in the airline host system.  In its simplest implementation, this module can reduce gate staffing requirements by two to three people while speeding boarding by as much at 70%.  With minimal additional coding, it can supplement an automated departure manifest, or it can be enhanced to become a departure manifest (depending on an airlines existing operations and/or the airport(s)).  When combined with other AutoLink capabilities, it can (a) function as an automated kiosk check-in point, (b) validate and/or update lifted coupon audits, and/or (c) provide data interface to revenue accounting for daily revenue reports. 

Boarding Pass Printer Module is designed to provide scannable bar-codes on paper boarding passes as an adjunct to the Gate Reader solution.  It issues a paper boarding pass at time of an airport check-in.  It can also issue a boarding pass via Internet to a home printer if linked to an web-based check-in tool.  Our module is unique in that it is not dependent on standard airline industry telecommunication networks (i.e. SITA, ARINC, etc.); but functions across conventional Internet Protocol networks.  Nor is it dependent on hard-wired data lines, but can use any form of wireless communication as needed.

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