The Eastman Group, Inc.

Group Management Tools

Management of Group PNRs is complex by nature and can be increasingly difficult with cross functional needs between multiple GDSs.  The Eastman Group has solved several synchronization issues for clients.

Our GroupLink solution was designed to automate Group PNR activity between airline carriers and/or tour and leisure travel providers.  It automates the process and ensures the airline Group records are matched prior to the departure date of the first flight segment in the Group PNR itinerary.

Another Groups solution offset the technical limitations found in some airline host environments that limit cross functionality with Group PNRs created by airlines holding a combination of airline A and airline partner B flight segments. This results in unmatched and unsynchronized PNRs within the corresponding airline Group PNRs across the two inventories.

Unsynchronized PNRs and manual processing of Group PNRs requires costly airline agent intervention and compromises quality controls.  These factors can result in passenger inconvenience, off-loading costs, and operational issues which drive airline costs even higher.  Our tools can automate and audit the Group processes from the initial time of booking to flight departure.

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