The Eastman Group, Inc.


AutoLinkII™ includes its own relational, transaction-oriented database with three grid levels: protocol parser, data storage, and business rules.  In AutoLinkII, The Eastman Group has combined .NET technology with its proprietary software and GDS expertise to offer a software engine that significantly outperforms similar tools.

AutoLinkII™ delivers a real-time multithreading, object-oriented application capable of large scale transaction processing, including parallel processing across multiple legacy terminal addresses. AutoLinkII™ architecture allows both server-based and/or networked links between independent but already automated business processes, enabling new e-business solutions.

AutoLinkII™ Features:
Agility & Scalability AutoLinkII™ architecture is highly scalable. The software can operate on an entry-level server or scale across multiple servers in very large networks.
Efficiency AutoLinkII™ fully utilizes and integrates Internet technologies through Web Services, allowing integration with diverse systems via XML and other keyhole technologies like SOAP; while concurrently linking ALC, TCP/IP, and other travel industry protocols within the gateway.
Efficiency The multi-threaded architecture of AutoLinkII™ allows for concurrent transaction execution, providing significant performance gains over single-threaded or serialized transaction solutions found in most airline environments.
Size and Speed AutoLinkII™ is capable of processing a very high volume of parallel transactions (including concurrent parallel queries across serial terminal addresses), while handling dynamic system demands.
Customizable AutoLinkII™ incorporates the .NET Common Language Runtime and class libraries, dramatically reducing development time for new or changing applications. Cumbersome adaptation of internal variables and structures are now easily modified for changing message or data structures, a frequent demand in today's evolving e-business world.

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