The Eastman Group, Inc.

Flight Management Tools

AutoLink/PASS is a group of AutoLink modules that interact with airline and distribution inventory platforms to audit, modify, and/or cancel passenger booking records for yield maximization, enhanced delivery of services, and/or lower delivery costs. There are several modules that can be implemented in part or in total.  Services are available via our Service Center or can be independently licensed.

Flight Firming Module offers an inter-active, real time management of advance reservations, auditing for those that have not been ticketed.  Automated responses, based on an airline's specified business rules, are initiated to warn, modify, or cancel an unticketed PNR.

Passive Segment Module is designed to identify the passive segment bookings generated by travel agents to minimize the segment fees charged against airlines.

Double Booking Module monitors PNRs for double booking, fictitious names, beyond-city pairs, and back-to-back violation of ticketing rules.

General Services Monitor is designed to automatically work an airline General Services queue to process frequent requests from agents or airline staff.  Special services such as meal requests, wheelchair, child escorts, medical requirements, awards and mileage, and agent contests may be handled through this module with various levels of automated response. /PASS has the ability to access and read PNRs directly in the host system to which it is connected.

TOD/PTA Request automatically processes, via GDS queues, agent or internal requests for Tickets on Departure or Prepaid Ticket Authorization. Reports back on agent's successful issuance of the documents. This tool may also process ticket-for-ticket electronic ticket exchanges for e-tickets issued by the airline, or between airlines seeking to minimize GDS costs.

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