These are a collection of PowerPoint slides (in .PDF format) from previous presentations given by Richard Eastman at various industry and trade conferences.  Some are variations on the theme of the digital evolution of data and its effects on the travel industry over the last few years, but each was tailored for its specific audience.


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2006 Archives


The Evolution of GDSs

Los Angeles Business Travel Association

Education Day 2006

Travel Managers Continuum Quiz

2002 Archives


Costs and Barriers to Government Inter-Agency and Industry Data Exchange

GW Aviation Institute


Voice Integration- Supporting the Business Traveler Enroute...

ITB Berlin

International Tourism Exchange

16-20 March 2002

2001 Archives


Supply-Driven to Demand-Driven Distribution

ATTIS 2001 Americas

Air Transport and Travel Information Systems

2000 Archives


Adapting Travel Automation to Your Needs... Today and Tomorrow

San Diego Business Travel Association


The Reality of E-Commerce in Corporate Travel Purchasing

San Diego Business Travel Association


Orbitz...or, The Reality of E-Commerce in Corporate Travel Purchasing

Midwest Business Travel Association


Redesigning the Role of Agents in Travel Distribution: Why and How

Travel Weekly Technology Conference 2000


New Paradigms in Travel Distribution

Puget Sound Business Travel Association


Nextwave in Travel Automation...Relationship Management

ATTIS 2000 Americas


New Open Travel Alliance Solutions





1999 Archives


New Paradigms in Corporate Travel Buying

Rocky Mountain Business Travel Association


Competitive Changes in Travel from a Globalized Economy

ACTE Global 1999

Association of Corporate Travel Executives

Costa del Sol, Spain

14-16 November 1999

1998 Archives


Airline Seats and "Risk Taking" Factors in Travel Distribution


1996 Archives


Commiditization of Airline Seats