Authored by Richard Eastman

The articles indexed below represent collected material written by Richard Eastman and published between 1995 and 2003. 

Most of the articles reflect the changing airline travel product and related distribution channels.  The articles discuss different drivers impacting the industry, overriding issues, and opportunities in travel distribution.  There are similarities between the articles in that the cause and effect of the changing travel product, changing consumer expectations, and evolving digital technology are tightly linked one to the other.

Richard Eastman holds the Copyright on each article.  Permission is hereby granted to excerpt comments from individual articles for republication.  Such republication must contain the author's credit and the quoted material must be used within the context of its presentation.

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2003 Archives

Tools Won't Fix All

Business Travel Monthy

September 2003

The Richard Eastman Column


March 2003

2002 Archives

Economics of Airline Automation

Handbook of Airline Economics

McGraw-Hill July 2002

2001 Archives

Knowing Right From Wrong

Travel Weekly Focus

April 2001

2000 Archives

Attempting to Manage the Unknown in Travel Distribution

Business Travel Executive

December 2000

Who's in Charge Here?

Business Travel Executive

August 2000

Supply-Driven vs Demand-Driven Distribution

Travel 2.0

May 2000

Op Ed

Business Travel News

Febuary 2000

1999 Archives

Endangered Species - Evolving Economics

Business Travel Executive

July 1999

1998 Archives

Tip of the Ice Berg

Business Travel Executive

August 1998

1997 Archives

CRS Strategies

Travel Distribution Review

October 1997

The Myth of Automated Front-End Booking Systems

Travel Weekly

October 1997

The Impact of Commodity Airline Seats

Travel Weekly

September 1997

Travel Marketing and Technology

 ASTA Dateline

April 1997

1996 Archives

Internet, Catalyst for Change

Business Travel News

October 1996

Future of Travel Agents?

Travel Weekly

July 1996

Beyond Internet

Travel Technology Association

June 1996

Hidden "Drivers" in Travel Distribution

Aviation Informatics

April 1996

E-Tickets -- More Impact than Internet

Travel Distribution Report

March 1996

Corporate Travel Opportunity

Business Travel News

January 1996

1995 Archives

"Change in Form" for the Travel Industry

Travel Weekly

November 1995