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Hotel Audit

Using the AutoLinkII technology platform, The Eastman Group, Inc. has built a robust, scalable, and flexible Audit and Reconciliation tool targeted at managing hotel bookings and settlement. TEGs proprietary software is able to review queued travel bookings within the various Global Distribution Systems. Hotel Audit validates the elements of any itinerary against contracted agreements to determine if:

  • booking was made by/through a preferred travel vendor
  • proper rate code was loaded and used
  • proper rates were booked
  • booking fell within a contracted blackout period
  • an alternate preferred vendor/property was available
  • The AutoLink platform builds a SQL database from queued or messaged booking records; and any actions taken with regard to applied rules.This data structure is used for reporting and reconciliation purposes.Financial data from these records can be managed and reported in any world currency, based on user needs.TEGs programs audit PreTravel booking records against predetermined rules supplied by the user to meet identified contract requirements and milestone obligations.
    The AutoLink tools can reconcile data against other third party data sources (such as commission payments or credit card data) to provide end-to-end accountability for all appropriate contracted travel agreements; or travel identified by rules for analysis.

    The Eastman Group provides an extensive standard package of reports that provide summary, detail, and trend analysis; or the reports can be customized to identify specifically tailored needs.TEG has enabled dashboard reporting for some clients via secured website access with unique log-in IDs for each of user. For the more sophisticated user,the SQL database can be accessed to build users own reports.

    Taking a travel company as an example, whether your applications and vendors are using older protocols or modern web services, Hotel Audit will provide a centralized tool to easily reconcile pre-travel hotel booking with audited post-travel hotel folio and/or commission reports. The systems are integrated into a set of standardized, centalized, and normalized data structure that can be interfaced with existing GDS back-office travel accounting systems. Below is a simplified graphic depicting the process flow of the Hotel Audit functions.

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