The Eastman Group, Inc.

Flight Maintenance

The Eastman Groups Booking Engine has a suite of maintenance tools that allows the airline the ability to control many aspects of their inventory in real time.  These tools increase your flexibility when maintenance issues or competitive market issues arise.

Class Maintenance allows you to individually add or remove classes of service to existing flights.

Flight Maintenance allows you to delete flights or temporarily close flights for sale.  This can be done for an entire schedule or a date range.  You can also change flight departure and arrival times with this feature.

The Fares tool allows you to load your daily fare information into the cached inventory for your website.  This allows the ultimate in fare flexibility by creating a private set of fares and rules, allowing you the option of Phase IV faring, or maintaining your synchronization with ATPCO and your host system.

Segment maintenance allows the airline to add flights (segments) to the schedule, without needing to update the entire schedule.

Our Crawler is a feature which an airline will use if it wants to keep a separate cached inventory, instead of going to its host system for all availability.  You are able to set rules regarding the frequency and conditions in which you will reach out to the host inventory to keep your website inventory synchronized.

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