The Eastman Group, Inc.


Our AutoSchedule tool is a Windows application allowing a user to build an airline flight schedule from a list of segments and a rules table.  User imports a structured file of valid segments (from an Excel-type spreadsheet, Access-type database output, or the like).  The program applies the business rules defined by the airline to generate a table of Origin-Destination Pairs in a grid form.

The user can then sort, filter, and delete or undelete Origin Destination Pairs, giving the airline employees the ability to create a very precise schedule, in a short amount of time.

After final adjustments, the AutoSchedule tool allows the user to export the data in a structured file format to a spreadsheet or database type file, if desired.

The AutoSchedule files may then be uploaded to your inventory host system.

When used in conjunction with other tools available from The Eastman Group, the project files of the AutoSchedule can be used to generate an entire flight inventory in a number of relational databases.

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